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The Bill Tutte Centenary Symposium

Sun, 14 May 2017
From 10:00 to 15:30
FROM £18.00
Join us for a day of special talks about Bill Tutte and his work at Bletchley Park.

This is an event to mark the formal opening of The Bill Tutte Exhibition; celebrating the life and accomplishments of Bill Tutte, on what would have been his 100th Birthday.

Bill Tutte, was a British codebreaker and mathematician. During the Second World War, at Bletchley Park he made a brilliant and fundamental advance in cryptanalysis of the Lorenz cipher, a major Nazi German cipher system which was used for top-secret communications within the Wehrmacht High Command.

He also had a number of significant mathematical accomplishments, including foundation work in the fields of graph theory and matroid theory.

There will be special talks on topics including:
Bill Tutte’s life before and after Bletchley Park, and his contribution to breaking Lorenz.
Graph Theory
The impact of machines (Colossus and the Bombes) on the ‘industrialisation’ of codebreaking at Bletchley Park.
The contribution of Fish intercepts to the intelligence picture for the Normandy Invasions in 1944.

Guest speakers include Dr David Kenyon (Bletchley Park Research Historian), Gordon Corera (BBC Security Correspondent), Claire Butterfield (Bill Tutte Memorial Fund), Tony Comer (GCHQ Historian) and Dr David Bedford (Keele University).

Enjoy refreshments on arrival and an exclusive chance to see the exhibition before it opens to the public.

The Bill Tutte exhibition is supported by the White Clarke Group.

Terms and Conditions

This event is not suitable for children under 12.
A lunch voucher up to the value of £7.00 is included in your ticket price and can be used at any of our on site catering outlets.

The Bill Tutte Centenary Symposium
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