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Sponsor a Brick

Sponsor a Brick in the Codebreakers' Wall

The Codebreakers’ Wall is a specially reserved area in the grounds of Bletchley Park for Veterans, their families and supporters of Bletchley Park to have their names engraved into a brick to share with loved ones for many years to come.

The Codebreakers’ Wall is built around naval codebreaking Hut 8 which sits at the centre of the Bletchley Park site.

You can sponsor a brick in your name, in memory of a loved one or in the name of a Veteran to commemorate their wartime achievements. By sponsoring a brick in the Codebreakers’ Wall, you will be helping to complete the transformation of the core heritage of Bletchley Park to ensure a sustainable future for the Trust and to inspire the next generation of Codebreakers.

The Codebreakers’ Wall will be a memorial that will last for generations at Bletchley Park.

A digital wall will be available soon so you can search for names, locate bricks in the Codebreakers’ Wall and discover the stories behind the bricks.

If you are interested in sponsoring a brick to honour one of our Codebreakers, we ask you to search the Roll of Honour first to ensure the Veteran is not already included on the Codebreakers’ Wall as only one acknowledgement per Veteran will be approved.

How it Works

Design Your Inscription

The bricks should contain names only and a maximum of 16 characters per line including punctuation and spaces. All names will be in upper and lower case and automatically centred. Military titles are not recommended but honorary titles (ie OBE) are acceptable. Veterans’ bricks are being marked with the morse code symbol for ‘V’. All inscriptions will be approved by Bletchley Park Trust.

If you would like advice, please call us on 01908 272652.

Confirm Your Name

Once we have received and accepted your order form we will send you a confirmation letter. Please check this very carefully and inform us of any changes to the inscription within 14 days.

A few points to note

  • All bricks remain the property of Bletchley Park Trust.
  • Inscriptions should be names of individuals only- not companies, clubs or societies. Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to approve all lettering and to refuse any application considered unsuitable. In such cases the Trust has no obligation to cite a reason and a full refund will be offered.
  • Engraving of the bricks will be done by a specialist engraver but names will not be painted- so as to retain the historical look and feel of the Bletchley Park Site.
  • Veterans are classified as those names listed on the official Bletchley Park Roll of Honour (available online to search at rollofhonour.bletchleypark.org.uk).
  • Bletchley Park Trust will have complete control over the location and installation date of the bricks.
  • Bletchley Park Trust guarantees to maintain the wall for a minimum of ten years.
  • Bletchley Park Trust reserves the right to move or relocate the bricks without liability, however, we will make every effort to keep the bricks in the chosen location.
  • The Hut 8 Blast Wall is being recreated from Imperial London Bricks (which were used in wartime). The bricks may become worn or damaged over time owing to natural causes. No liability can be accepted for this by Bletchley Park Trust.
  • Any amendments to the name provided on the order form must be made within 14 days of receipt of the confirmation letter; thereafter Bletchley Park Trust accepts no responsibility for changed or incorrect names.
  • Bricks may differ in colour from those illustrated.

Sponsor a brick now


Find Your Brick

The Codebreakers’ Wall around Hut 8 is now built. Engraved bricks will be installed regularly and we will write to let you know where you brick is located. A plan of the wall is shown below to help you find your brick.

Find Your Brick