Volunteer Actors bring Huts to life

Becoming part of Bletchley Park’s history

Volunteer actors from the local community will help bring Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6 to life through their projected images and voices. The diverse group were delighted to become part of Bletchley Park’s history. They were filmed inside the historic Huts themselves by Elbow Productions, the specialist company creating the digital interpretation as part of the £8 million, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration of Bletchley Park.

Director Jan Lower said “We’ve picked up wherever we can on Veterans’ stories - especially their little quirks. In motivating the actors we’ve become aware of the sheer tedium of the work. They were all young people - it’s nice to see their human side, rather than just the work they were doing.”

Paul Green played two characters in different segments, and signed up for the project along with his wife, Helen Legh. Paul said “We can bring our daughter here in a few years and say ‘Look, that’s mummy and that’s daddy’. That’s really exciting.”

Jan said it was wonderful to see the actors’ excitement. “I really like the energy you get from working with people who’re doing it absolutely for the love of it. It brings an infectious energy.”

The images and audio created by Elbow will form part of the light touch interpretation of the sympathetic restoration of Huts 3 and 6 and Block C. The transformed Bletchley Park, returned to its WW2 glory as a tribute to the thousands of extraordinary men and women whose work helped shorten the war, will open in June 2014.