This is a story about people

Restored buildings to tell their own stories.

Visitors to Bletchley Park will be able to walk through fragile wooden huts which were almost lost to history and feel what it was like for the Codebreakers who worked inside them during World War Two. The aim of the interpretation planned as part of the £8 million, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project is to let the atmosphere of these unique buildings speak for itself.

Event Communications, the company interpreting the buildings, will make use of sound, projected life sized images and even smells. Visitors will catch snatches of overheard conversations that might have been held in the huts, such as Codebreakers complaining about the cold as well as sharing vital information about decrypts. The smell of cigarettes and paraffin stoves would have filled the air and may be wafted through.

Alex Fitzsimmons from Event says “You will be able to imagine the people who worked here and almost feel as though you’ve met them. This is a story about people and what their lives were like.”

Enigma messages sent by the German Army and Air Force were deciphered in Hut 6 then passed to Hut 3 for translation, intelligence analysis and distribution to those who needed the vital intelligence gleaned from them. Alex says “People in one room didn’t necessarily know what was happening in the next room. They all had different, separate, secret tasks.”

You can hear more of Alex Fitzimmons describing the plans for Huts 3 & 6 as well as Block C in the January episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast.