Their Stories are still to be told

The Bletchley Circle cast pay tribute to the real women of Bletchley Park.

Rachael Stirling, who plays thoroughly modern Millie in the hit ITV drama, The Bletchley Circle, has described filming key scenes of series two at Bletchley Park and learning about the crucial work carried out there during World War Two as “a source of huge pride to us all.”

Co-star Julie Graham, who plays Jean, says filming at Bletchley Park was an enormous pleasure. “There’s something very moving, very thrilling and very humbling about being in that atmosphere and, thanks to all the great people who work at Bletchley Park and trusted us not to break the machines, it’s not a huge stretch to imagine yourself there. It’s a huge privilege.”

At an advance screening of the first episode of the new series, Olivier award nominated actress Hattie Morahan, who plays new character Alice Merren, said the secrecy respected by all the Codebreakers who worked at the Government Code & Cypher School during WW2 was hard to imagine in today’s tell-all culture. “I think the result of living through and working at Bletchley would have been self-discipline, self-reliance, a sense of boundaries and not prying. They’re (the characters) able to pry but with the façade of being a bystander.”

Kelsey Griffin, Director of Operations & Communications at the Bletchley Park Trust, said “There were 10,000 people working at Bletchley Park at the peak of war and women outnumbered men by three to one. At the end of the war they went about their daily lives and many of them went to their graves without ever being able to share those secrets.”

The thrilling series based on the lives of four extraordinary and brilliant women who worked at top-secret codebreaking HQ Bletchley Park during WW2 returns to ITV for a four-part series starting Monday 6 January 2014. Trailer for The Bletchley Circle, Series Two.

You can hear more from the cast as well as the series Writer and Creator, Guy Burt, and Executive Producer, Jake Lushington, in a special edition of the Bletchley Park Podcast, out now on Audioboo’s Bletchley Park Channel.

Image: Hattie Morahan plays new character, Alice Merren ©ITV