Restored Hut 11 Revealed

The first of many fabulous exhibitions opens to visitors of Bletchley Park within Hut 11: wartime home of the Turing-Welchman Bombe Machines.

An exciting interactive exhibition about the work of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) on the Bombe machines has been unveiled in the newly restored Hut 11 at Bletchley Park; the Bombe Hut.

This Hut was nicknamed the Hell Hole by the WRNS (nicknamed Wrens) who operated the Bombe machines. The machines helped speed up the process of breaking into the daily Enigma settings on hundreds of different networks.

The exhibition has been funded by a hugely generous £250,000 legacy left by a Bletchley Park Veteran, Maureen Jones. It features interactive elements allowing visitors of all ages to try their hand at ‘plugging up’ the back of the Bombe machine and turning the drums to the correct position, illustrating the high level of knowledge and concentration that was required during long, round-the-clock shifts. Victoria Worpole, the Bletchley Park Trust’s Director of Learning and Collections, said “It’s extremely exciting to bring this building to life with an exhibition about the women who worked here. Over the next few months we will be able to bring visitors closer than ever before to the wartime atmosphere both inside these buildings – some of which have never been open to the public – and in the landscape of Bletchley Park.”

This is the first of a raft of major new galleries and exhibitions to open in the coming months as the additional £8 million Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project comes to fruition. 

Image: Veteran Bombe Operators Ruth Bourne and Joan Tolson who were present at the Official Opening of Hut 11.