Restoration Reveals Remains of Historic Buildings

Footings of buildings found believed to be WW2 Huts

The restoration of Bletchley Park has revealed the footings of buildings believed to be World War Two Huts. The car park next to the iconic Mansion has been dug up ready to be grassed over as part of the £8 million, Heritage Lottery funded Project Neptune. The foundations had lain undisturbed under the tarmac for decades.

Careful archaeological work will now be carried out and experts will be consulted to establish the exact origins of the footings. This will help the Bletchley Park Trust tell in ever more accurate detail the story of how this uniquely historic site was used by the Government Code and Cypher School, which went on to become GCHQ, during WW2.

Iain Standen, CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust, said “It is extremely exciting to find evidence of the buildings we lost as we restore those which did – only just – survive. It’s a fortunate accident of history that tarmacking over the footings of the huts after they were demolished post-war, did help to preserve this evidence of how Bletchley Park was developed.”

JOURNALISTS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND on Wednesday 4 December 10am-12pm when AS Level History students from MK College will be visiting the site. Please contact Katherine Lynch, Media Manager, Bletchley Park Trust on 01908 272661 / 07903 138806 / if you would like to come along. There will be interview, filming and photo opportunities.