Restoration Of Codebreaking Huts Underway

Project Manager Stephen Prowse takes us inside the derelict buildings - The man tasked with managing the £7.4m, Heritage Lottery Funded project to restore some of Bletchley Park’s iconic but derelict codebreaking buildings says one of the biggest challenges is not making them look too new.

Huts 3 and 6 and Block C were part of the vast signals intelligence factory which sprang up at Bletchley Park during World War Two and were in use around the clock, so they did not remain pristine for long. Stephen Prowse, Project Manager with Appleyards (Artelia) says “When the Huts were built in 1939/1940 they were absolutely brand new, but that is not what this project is about. We want visitors to be able to imagine what the Huts would have looked like at that time. In 1940 it’s got the bits of note paper, it’s got the kicks, the scratches and things people have made ad-hoc to pin things on the wall.”

In the current project, Huts 3 & 6 will be restored to their wartime condition and visitors will be able to experience the atmosphere of these buildings where Codebreakers deciphered, translated and turned into intelligence secret Enigma messages sent by the German Army, Air Force and Secret Service.

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