Enigma outreach boost with car sponsorship

Progress Suzuki provides branded car for education programme

Bletchley Park’s Education Department has been given a boost with the sponsorship of a new outreach car.

Progress Suzuki Milton Keynes has given the heritage attraction the use of a branded Suzuki Vitara SUV, which will enable museum staff to travel to schools across the country to teach pupils about World War Two codebreaking. Bletchley Park currently runs two highly popular outreach sessions; Enigma Outreach, in which a working Enigma machine is brought to the schools, and Online Safety Outreach, where children are given expert tuition about security in the 21st Century.

The outreach sessions provide unique learning opportunities for pupils who are unable to visit Bletchley Park, with nearly 9,300 pupils benefiting from an Enigma outreach session in 2015.

Progress Suzuki, which was formed following Progress Motor Group’s buyout of previous sponsors, Northridge Cars Milton Keynes Suzuki, is also offering discounts to Bletchley Park staff and volunteers, and their families. The company also supports primary schoolchildren by offering road and car safety sessions at its dealerships, as well as helping school leavers into work with its apprenticeships.

Iain Standen, CEO of Bletchley Park, said, “We are extremely grateful to Progress Suzuki for supplying the car which is essential to allow our Outreach Team to travel around the country and educate others about the achievements of the Bletchley Park Codebreakers during World War Two. It is important that we ensure that the legacy of these highly talented individuals is passed on to future generations.”

Matt Crathorn, Brand Manager for Progress Suzuki in Milton Keynes, said, “We are keen to support local charities and businesses such as Bletchley Park, which is important to local people and to the area’s tourism. It’s also important that the next generation know what happened in the war with the Enigma machines in the outreach programme.”

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Picture: Bletchley Park CEO Iain Standen (left) receives the keys from Matt Crathorn, Brand Manager for Progress Suzuki in Milton Keynes

©Suzuki (GB) PLC