Behind the Scenes at Bletchley Park

Sneak peek behind the crumbling walls - The Bletchley Park Trust has lifted the veil of secrecy at the Home of the Codebreakers, giving people a chance to see inside the iconic Huts and Blocks about to be restored as part of the £7.4m Heritage Lottery Funded restoration.

The wartime Huts at Bletchley Park were built in haste and designed only to last a few years. The Codebreaking operation expanded as the war developed and brick and concrete structures were erected to accommodate the signals intelligence factory. The Codebreakers deciphered, translated and analysed encrypted radio messages on an industrial scale.

Since falling out of use more than 20 years ago, those buildings which have not already been restored have fallen into disrepair and even dilapidation. They are about to be faithfully restored to their wartime condition and opened to the public as part of this unique heritage site.

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