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Podcast 62: Veterans' Reunion 2017 Part 1

Tue, 12 Sep 2017
Get to know the Veterans who attended this year's reunion

More than 100 Veterans returned to Bletchley Park for this year’s reunion – the highest number in recent years. They came back to the headquarters of the Government Code and Cipher School, where they, among thousands of men and women, carried out vital war work which made a huge difference, not only to the outcome of World War Two, but to the digital age in which we live today.

Once in the tranquil grounds of the Victorian mansion, they met up with friends old and new, and took the opportunity to celebrate this special place and the work they had done. The regular Bletchley Park Podcast team, producer Mark Cotton and host Katherine White, were joined by special guest roving reporters Niki Arthur and Myra Brooks. Meet them and the Veterans they encountered on a glorious September afternoon in Buckinghamshire.

So many fascinating conversations were captured that day that we’re bringing you two special episodes this month. This is part one of two.

Image: © Will Amlot for the Bletchley Park Trust

Podcast 62: The Veterans' Reunion 2017 Part 1