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Collections uncovered 7

Fri, 27 Jul 2018
Inspired by the Archive

Embedded in the history of Bletchley Park’s archive collections are stories of adversity, secrecy, achievement and hope. Artist Sally Annett spent many hours researching the archive collection, intrigued by both the historical content of the archive and the material nature of the diverse items within it. The works she produced for her 2018 summer exhibition at Bletchley Park “Systems of Philosophy – Wall(paper)s of Mind”, explored themes of internationalism, fragmentation of information and, above all, the layers of secrecy our holdings represent. Here, we have picked out some of the material Sally found most inspiring.

Inspired by the Archive
1 / 10This decrypted Enigma message is a physical example of the layering of material that so struck Sally Annett. During the decryption process, thin strips of typescript text are pasted onto the back of the original intercepted message, then annotated by hand. Part of this text appears in Sally’s Text 2 series.