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Bombe Rebuild News Update

Tue, 13 Feb 2018
An update from Bletchley Park Trust

Information has gone out regarding TWBRT who own the rebuild of the Bombe machine currently on show at Bletchley Park. Please see following the statement which gives background information to the planned move by TWBRT:

For a number of years the Bletchley Park Trust (BPT) has been in discussion with the Turing Welchman Bombe Rebuild Trust (TWBRT) over their permanent location on site. Part of the Bletchley Park Trust’s remit is to restore the site so the buildings are true to their use during World War Two. It was intended that the Bombe Rebuild should be located in Hut 11A, an original building that the Bombe machines were housed in during the war, enabling visitors to see it operating within an accurate historical context.

Talks over the years have not led to a mutually satisfactory agreement between the two trusts and TWBRT have decided to relocate their exhibits to The National Museum of Computing. BPT fully respects this decision and is in discussion with TWBRT to ensure a smooth transition to their new home.

A new exhibition, The Bombe Breakthrough, opens in Hut 11A at Bletchley Park in spring 2018. This comprehensive exhibition tells the story in an original setting of the Enigma challenge, for the first time, and how the Bombe machines were designed to meet this challenge. It will also include a recreated Bombe machine model to help visitors understand how they worked.

Rebecca Foy, Director of Public Engagement Bletchley Park Trust & John Harper, Trustee of Turing Welchman Bombe Rebuild Trust