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Bill Tutte centenary celebrated with events

Mon, 8 May 2017
From lectures to plaque unveiling, the life of the elite Codebreaker is being celebrated

This weekend sees the centenary of the birth of Bill Tutte, with a range of events happening both nationally and internationally, from the site of his wartime work at Bletchley Park to the University at which he lectured in Waterloo, Canada.

On Sunday Bletchley Park will hold the Bill Tutte Centenary Symposium and its latest exhibition will open to Symposium ticket holders. ‘Bill Tutte: Mathematician + Codebreaker’ traces the Cambridge graduate’s achievements in reverse-engineering Lorenz, the highly complex encryption system used by the German high command, and his creation of a statistical method of breaking its code. The exhibition, which takes place in the Mansion drawing room, features two specially-commissioned films as well as photography from the Tutte family. The Bletchley Park Symposium and exhibition are just two of several events celebrating his birth that will take place this month:

11 May: Triple Bill – Bill Tutte Centenary Event at The National Museum of Computing

12 May: Six Lectures Marking the Centenary of W. T. Tutte, at the Reform Club, Pall Mall

12 May: ‘William Tutte Way’ Naming Celebration, Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo

12 May: Tutte’s 100th Distinguished Lectures Series, University of Waterloo. Speaker: Michael Goemans

14 May: Plaque unveiling at the birthplace of Bill Tutte,  Fitzroy House, Newmarket, on what would have been his 100th Birthday

14 May : Bill Tutte Centenary Symposium at Bletchley Park and official opening of ‘Bill Tutte: Mathematician + Codebreaker’

19 May: Tutte’s 100th Distinguished Lectures Series, University of Waterloo.  Speaker: James Oxley

23 May: Bill Tutte Centenary Celebration (for Primary Schools),Tattersalls Sale Ring, Newmarket

23 May: Bill Tutte Club Centenary Talk, Newmarket Academy

24 May: Bill Tutte Centenary Celebration (for Newmarket Academy and members of the public), Memorial Hall, Newmarket (13:00-15:00)

26 May: Tutte’s 100th Distinguished Lectures Series, University of Waterloo.  Speaker: Julia Chuzhoy

Bill Tutte Centenary events
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