Bursaries available for workshops

Bletchley Park is proud to announce a new bursary scheme funded by Winton Capital Management to provide free school trips to the site for those most in need of financial support. This exciting opportunity will further develop our opportunities to engage with schools and students from across the country.

Each bursary will cover the cost of coaches, entrance fees to Bletchley Park, a guided tour and a led session during the day for up to 32 pupils and 8 adults. The theme of the day will be on a STEM topic such as Codebreaking, Enigma mathematics or Signals, among other courses.  Please see the list of available courses on the education programme page of the website. This will be discussed in advance and agreed mutually.

How to apply:

The schools chosen for this opportunity will be decided based on the number of disadvantaged pupils at the school and the number eligible for free school meals.

Applications for 2015/16 Winton Capital Management Bursaries are now closed. 

Education Group at Bletchley Park