Bursaries available for workshops

Bletchley Park is proud to announce a new bursary scheme funded by GS Gives to provide either free school trips to the site or a free outreach visit for those most in need of financial support. This exciting opportunity will further develop our opportunities to engage with schools and students from across the country.

The Onsite bursary will cover a transport subsidy, entrance fees for pupil premium pupils, a guided tour, self-guided time and a STEM facilitated session for up to 60 pupils and 10 adults.

The outreach bursary will cover a full day outreach visit (maximum of 6 hours), travel expenses of the Bletchley Park staff member and the provision of STEM facilitated sessions for up to 60 pupils per session.

Please see the list of available courses on the education programme page of the website. This will be discussed in advance and agreed mutually.

How to apply:

The schools chosen for this opportunity will be decided based on the number of disadvantaged pupils at the school, the number eligible for free school meals and the IDACI ranking of their postcode.

To apply online please complete this application form.

Education Group at Bletchley Park