Hands on for kids at Bletchley Park

Modern interactives, tours and exhibitions help bring the story of WW2 codebreaking to life at Bletchley Park. 


Listen in on the enemy's secret messages, transmitted in Morse code. 


Try your hand at translating deciphered messages from German, Italian and Japanese. 


In Naval Codebreaking Hut 8, maths comes to life as you explore the part chance and probability played in the success of Bletchley Park. 


Can you operate a Bombe machine and find the daily Enigma settings? Find out in Hut 11.


An Enigma machine could be set up 159 million, million, million ways... Encode your own secret messages using the interactive Enigma in Block B


Free multimedia guides feature a family tour, including puzzles and storytelling to make a visit exciting for children. Find out more about visiting Bletchley Park here.