Oral History Project

The Bletchley Park Oral History Project aims to capture the stories of people who had a connection to Bletchley Park or one of its outstations during during World War Two. 
Since November 2011 we have visited over 300 Veterans to interview them and hear how enemy signals were intercepted, decrypted and turned into intelligence, as well as capturing fascinating glimpses of their daily lives. We have interviewed people who worked at Bletchley Park and in outstations from the north of Scotland to Australia. Their jobs highlight the broad range of roles people were fulfilling, from the upper echelons of Oxbridge academics via machines operators and clerical staff to cooks, cleaners and even delivery staff from the local bakery.
We are keen to interview anyone who worked: 
  • At Bletchley Park or its outstations, civilian or military, in any role, however junior
  • In the Y services, in the UK and overseas
  • In SLUs or SCUs
  • In the Radio Security Service
  • In the development and construction of Colossus
  • In the construction and maintenance of Bombes
We would also like to hear from anyone who lived in the Bletchley area during the Second World War.
The interviews provide us with captivating information, which has helped us to tell the Bletchley Park story in our museum and to the wider world.
We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to be interviewed. Interviewees can be recorded in the comfort of their own home. For more information contact Bletchley Park's Oral History Officer, Jonathan Byrne, on 01908 272685 or at jbyrne@bletchleypark.org.uk