Google Cultural Institute and Bletchley Park

Google has long been keen to help preserve and promote the importance of Bletchley Park.  As part of their ongoing support of the work of the Bletchley Park Trust, Google helps to bring its story to a wider online audience.

The Bletchley Park Trust is a partner of Google’s Cultural Institute. Their digital exhibit features material from Bletchley Park’s Archives, providing a vivid snapshot of the work that went on cracking secret messages and the role it played in shortening the war. Included are images of the Bombe machines that helped crack the Enigma cipher; and of Colossus, the world’s first programmable electronic computer, used to crack the German High Command ciphers.  

You can visit the Bletchley Park Gallery on Google's Cultural Institute here.

A second gallery was launched by the Google Cultural Institute in March 2014, 1938 - 1945, The Women of Bletchley Park.

In March 2015, another digital exhibition opened about the artefacts uncovered during the restoration work in 2014.  Visit Bletchley Park: Rescued and Restored for a virtual look at Bletchley Park's exhibition in Hut 12.

Image:  Example of intercepted Enigma 'Red' traffic from the Bletchley Park Archives.