Restoration Slideshow March 2014

The current £8 million Heritage Lottery Funded restoration of historic Bletchley Park is now hurtling towards its exciting final phase.  

The exteriors of the iconic but unassuming Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6 have now been returned to how they were in 1941, where the Codebreaking giants conducted their WW2 battles.  This will be the final chance to view them as they are before WW2 bomb blast walls, built to protect the fragile Huts from enemy bomb fallout, are reinstated to return them to their authentic wartime appearance.  Inside, the newly-painted walls are being distressed to reflect the wear and tear they would have endured during the first two years of the war and nicotine-effect stains are being added to the ceiling recalling an era where nearly everyone smoked in the workplace.  Atmospheric displays and set-dressing are being created in order for visitors to step inside and back in time to a wartime Britain which faced a clear and present danger of invasion and where brilliant minds worked around the clock to help save men's lives.

The shell and core works of Block C have been completed and as finishing touches are made, the inside is beginning to be fitted out with exhibitions, a cafe, admissions desks and a shop.

Within just three months from now the exciting transformation of historic Bletchley Park will be available for all visitors to enjoy.