Restoration Slideshow Autumn 2013

The restoration of historic Bletchley Park proceeds at speed.  Opposite is a slideshow of images documenting the hard work underway restoring Block C ready for its opening in June 2014 as the new Visitor Centre and the careful preservation and rejuvenation of iconic Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6.  

A temporary roof has been erected over the top of Huts 3 and 6 to protect them from the elements whilst work is in train on the aged timbers of the roofing, flooring, windows and walls.  The original floorboards are being carefully restored and reclaimed timbers from wartime huts formerly at Fawley Court in Henley on Thames are being installed  The original radiators have been taken out and restored ready to be re-installed.  Crick Smith, historic materials conservation consultants, have undertaken careful paint analysis of the Huts and matched the new colours with precision.

In Block C, a granolithic concrete floor has been discovered throughout the building and is being polished to a beautifully smooth finish.  Many of the original ceiling tiles have been restored and re-instated and others have been sourced from the US as a careful match with the originals. Paint on the walls has again been matched carefully with the original colours and windows were taken out for conservation and repair and are now being re-installed.  Overhead service ducts have been recreated true to Block C's wartime appearance and original radiators restored and re-instated.

Visitors to Bletchley Park from June 2014 will be able to enter these restored buildings to experience the authentic wartime ambience and feel the presence of those intellectual warriors who worked within them.