Restoration Slideshow Summer 2013

The restoration historic Bletchley Park is well underway now, as you will see from the slideshow to the left.  

In Block C, soon to be the new Visitor Centre, post-war internal walls have been removed to return the building to the vast open-plan space it would have been during World War Two, and that lends itself so perfectly to being a Visitor Centre.  Two original, hand-painted signs have been discovered on two pillars and these will be sympathetically conserved and restored.  Colourful artwork has been erected on the hoardings around Block C giving visitors a hint of the exciting and evocative displays being planned for within.

Radiators have been removed ready for refurbishment before being reinstated.

Careful conservation and restoration will also soon be underway on the iconic Codebreaking Huts 3 and 6, but first scaffolding will be erected with a large temporary roof to protect the Huts from the elements whilst they are opened up.