Restoration Slideshow Early 2014 

The long-awaited restoration of World War Two Codebreaking Huts and Blocks at historic Bletchley Park is galloping towards its final phase.  Having been on the verge of dereliction these buildings were at risk of being lost to the nation forever.  Now, the infrastructure of each of these hugely significant buildings has been faithfully and sympathetically conserved, restored and returned to its wartime layout and appearance.  The final phase, to begin very soon, will be to fit the buildings out with sensitive and evocative interpretation and displays.  For the first time in decades, the public will be able to access these buildings, which saw wartime work of such profound significance, and walk in the footsteps of those intellectual giants whose tireless contribution helped to shorten the war by up to two years. Visitors will also be able to experience what it was like to work in these buildings during WW2 and learn about those remarkable individuals whose stories deserve to be told and celebrated.  

Peter Wescombe, founding member of the Bletchley Park Trust, who helped to save the site from developers’ bulldozers more than once, says “I often just stand and look, sometimes in disbelief, at the old, sad wartime Huts gleaming in their coats of fresh paint, the grounds being restored to their wartime layout; Block B standing high and proud; groups of visitors and schoolchildren listening intently to guides telling the BP story; and everywhere; staff and volunteers hurrying about their business, and I think to myself, "Wescombe, we actually made it."

The restoration is due to be completed and available for the enjoyment of visitors by June 2014.