The Bletchley Park Site

The Bletchley Park site had become home to a variety of training schools: for teachers, Post Office workers, air traffic control system engineers, and members of GCHQ. In 1987, after a fifty-year association with British Intelligence, Bletchley Park was finally decommissioned.

In 1991, many of the organisations who had occupied post-war Bletchley Park had moved out and there were moves to demolish the whole site in favour of housing development and a supermarket. In May of that year the Bletchley Archaeological and Historical Society formed a small committee with the aim of tracing as many Bletchley Park Veterans as they could to invite them to a Farewell Party to mark the demise of the Bletchley Park site. On 21 October the Farewell Party was attended by over one hundred veterans and the small committee of local enthusiasts was astonished and enchanted by the powerful stories these incredible people had to tell about their wartime Codebeaking experiences. At the end of the event the committee was unanimous in its conviction that this must not be a farewell.; that Bletchley Park must be saved in tribute to the work of these remarkable people and as the place where their collective intellects changed the course of WW2 and the twentieth century; that the story must be kept alive for the education and enjoyment of future generations. So the enormous battle that was to ensue for many years, to save Bletchley Park from wholesale demolition, was embarked upon.

The Formation of the Bletchley Park Trust.