TIG Cast Talk about Bletchley Park Ghosts

Speaking to the Bletchley Park Trust about the "amazing" experience of filming scenes of THE IMITATION GAME on location at Bletchley Park itself, Benedict Cumberbatch said, "It really was very special. You really feel like you're playing slightly with ghosts. It's nerve-racking, fictionalising what happened.”
THE IMITATION GAME, The Exhibition is now open at Bletchley Park, in the very room where the bar scenes were filmed. Scenes filmed here include the defining moment when Joan Clarke, played by Keira Knightley, muses "Who ever loved ordinary?" Props, costumes and glimpses behind the scenes are featured in this highly atmospheric exhibition.
Benedict Cumberbatch adds that it’s “hugely important” that Bletchley Park is kept alive and accessible. “To work where these people breathed, lived, loved, worked, struggled, kept secrets, were quietly, stoically heroic, was overwhelming. It’s incredibly important that it’s open to the public, and is something that’s well funded and supported and continues, because this is our history.”