Duncan Phillips

Having grown up in the Phillips family that owned and operated Gulliver’s Kingdom Theme Park in Matlock Bath Duncan has spent a lifetime in the family entertainment business. In the very early years during the school holidays Duncan learnt the industry working on the park and gained a unique insight into the operation and development of the emerging visitor attraction industry in the UK.

Duncan studied at Nottingham University in Urban Design and Town Planning, going on to complete a Masters Degree in Urban Design and environmental planning. During this time he started to apply urban design/city planning concepts to the attractions industry to develop new strategies in the design and layout of attractions and how they can influence the operational side of the business.

Duncan spent some 15 years building up Gulliver’s from one park to four across the country and by the early 2006 the largest family owned theme park group in the UK. Following a passion to pass on his own experiences to others in June 2008 Duncan set up DP Associates a strategic leisure consultancy delivering wide range of advise and planning services to the visitor economy worldwide.

Never far from leisure operation, Duncan launched DP Leisure to develop and roll out a new breed of visitor attraction, 360play. Launched in 2009 in Milton Keynes, with sites now in Stevenage and Leicester this latest leisure attraction is set to roll out across the country.

Duncan's wider interests include, Board Director of BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks Piers, and Attractions) where he takes a keen interest in the political lobbying of the UK Tourism Industry. Active member of IAAPA(International association of amusement parks and attractions) Non executive board director of DMK(Destination Milton Keynes) a destination marketing company.

Duncan is an active father of two boys and through his family finds inspiration and motivation he uses in all his interests.

Duncan Phillips