Turing Family Visit Launches Hut 11A Appeal

The visit of more than twenty members of Codebreaker Alan Turing’s family to Bletchley Park has helped to launch a fundraising appeal to tell the story of his brainchild, the Bombe machine. The Bletchley Park Trust is looking to raise £250,000 to create an interactive exhibition about the machines Turing devised with Gordon Welchman, in the very building where they were housed and operated, the newly restored Hut 11A.

Alan Turing’s niece Inagh Payne said he was “a lovely uncle” who played with her as a child and gave “very generous presents.” His great-niece Rachel Barnes added that the whole occasion had been “incredibly emotional.”

Turing’s nephew and Bletchley Park Trustee, Sir John Dermot Turing, called the story of Hut 11A and the Bombes housed within it “a very British paradox.” He explained “It’s not beautiful, it was very drab and secret but there was all this incredible stuff going on inside.”
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