Bletchley Park Presents - Gary Ayton

SOLD OUT - Gary Ayton is a Curator at the Crime Museum. This in itself may not sound much. That is unless you know that the Crime Museum was once called the Black Museum.

SOLD OUT - This is the notorious museum of The Metropolitan Police, a museum felt to be too disturbing to allow anyone but police officers in. The Mirror, allowed a very rare visit, described the museum:

‘From the pots serial killer Dennis Nilsen boiled the flesh of his victims in, to the gallstone of one of acid bath murderer John Haigh’s dissolved corpses, there is enough horror on show to send a shudder down the strongest of spines.’

Gary Ayton has not only access to the history of The Metropolitan Police but also 30 years’ experience in the investigation of major crime and homicide. He is a qualified trainer at the world-renowned Crime Academy where he has taught all levels of investigator. He has travelled to the Middle East to deliver training on behalf of the government of the United Arab Emirates. He has worked in Thailand identifying victims of the 2003 Tsunami and was engaged in victim identification in the July 7 London bombings. He is widely read in military history, in particular the First and Second World Wars.


Bletchley Park will be open throughout the day for guests to arrive and access to all of Bletchley Park's exhibitions and galleries is included.

1400 - Gary Ayton on The History of The Metropolitan Police, its role in times of conflict and the crimes they faced
1500 - Q&A Session
1515 - Tea & cake served in the Billiard room 


No refunds available less than two weeks before the event.

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