Are You Listening?

Celebrating communication through Bletchley Park's history - from the Post Office and carrier pigeons to radio waves and the first televisions, right up to the age of computers and the internet.

Are You Listening? is on 5 and 6 October. Bletchley Park will look at the history of communication. There will be displays from the British Postal Museum & Archive, The Royal Pigeon Racing Association, showing the early forms of communication and their importance in times of conflict. Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society and British Vintage Wireless Society will display vintage radio equipment, wirelesses and televisions.

Learn how to transmit messages using Morse code as well as modern day systems. Children can make primitive telephones using cans and string and learn about another form of communication; semaphore. The whole family can enjoy a display about pigeons in World War Two and watch pigeons being released into the skies over Bletchley. Meanwhile, re-enactors will create an authentic wartime atmosphere throughout this unique historic site.

(Normal admission price applies, under-12s are free)