Our education programme offers enriching and engaging outreach opportunities.

Enigma Outreach

Our Enigma Outreach programme works with targeted educational groups to enable engagement with Bletchley Park’s story and related STEM topics. This can take the form of one-off local and national visits, and longer projects with local schools and community groups.

To discuss how we could work with your local education or community group please contact Education Manager Thomas Briggs on tbriggs@bletchleypark.org.uk

Online Safety Outreach

Offered in partnership with Intel Security, the Online Safety Programme is designed to encourage people of all ages to think about their safety in the online environment. 

For more information on Online Safety visits please click here, or to make an enquiry please complete this online form. Alternatively, email education@bletchleypark.org.uk or call 01908 272664.

You can use our online safety app, Mail Maze, by following the link here