Learning at Bletchley Park

The Aims 

The Bletchley Park Trust firmly believes that museums can contribute to every stage of educational development, for individuals and groups, through life-long learning.  The Trust aims to deliver high quality educational provision and resources to the community it serves, regardless of peoples’ age, ability, ethnic background, faith or sexual orientation.

We aim to:
Ensure that the heroic work of the people who served at Bletchley Park during World War Two is remembered, and to promote understanding of the importance of their achievements to the war effort; encourage life-long appreciation of and enthusiasm for the disciplines of science, technology and mathematics that were essential to the work of the Codebreakers; and inspire young people to choose career paths that enable them to develop and use related skills.

A variety of school curriculum topics can be given context by Bletchley Park and its history, and we are continuously developing our on-site education programme to support teachers and students of any age.