What to See

Discover Bletchley Park’s story at your leisure enjoying the Multimedia Guide and visiting fascinating galleries and exhibits within the WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks.  For suggested itineraries, scroll to the bottom for ideas.

Explore Bletchley Park

In keeping with Bletchley Park’s £8-million, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration project, to create a world-class heritage site, step back in time and visit the Bletchley Park the Codebreakers would have known.  It now boasts a Visitor Centre, restored buildings and refreshed exhibits to preserve and commemorate the tireless work of the Codebreakers.  The landscape has also been returned to rural tranquillity.  Highly atmospheric soundscapes play snatches of conversation, music, laughter and even a hint of romance, as well as the noises of bicycle bells and steam trains to conjure up how it would have sounded to work alongside a cast of thousands at wartime Bletchley Park. Having already enjoyed the overview exhibition in Block C, visitors can experience a nostalgic sense of place and history in the country estate setting the Codebreakers cherished.

Modern intrusions such as car parks and traffic have been removed from the core of the site and returned to lawn with the footprints of the long-gone Huts 2 and 9 marked out to remind visitors where they were. The tennis courts have also been restored to grass, as they were in late 1940 and early 1941.

Other exhibitions are available at Bletchley Park, but operated independently of the Bletchley Park Trust.

Where to begin?  Suggested itineraries

Go to our Suggested Itineraries page to see our suggestions for ways to plan your visit or download brochure here.  The brochure includes itineraries and is provided to you on your visit.  You can use it to guide your visit to suit your needs.  It includes maps and key.  Please note that areas marked in RED are not open to the public but as work continues to transform Bletchley Park, more and more areas will come open.  

We are open daily except for certain bank holidays.  Please click here to check our opening times.  

What's Next

As you can appreciate, Bletchley Park is in full swing to become a top heritage site, museum and education centre.  The work has only just begun.  This means that the site is a living heritage site and in a constant state of development.  To complete its transformation, it will undergo a continuous state of building, restoration and interpretation to ensure the visitor enjoys the nuances of visiting 1940s Bletchley Park.  There may be times, too, when exhibits or displays are temporarily closed as they are being updated or changed.  Regrettably, there are times when the entire site is closed.  We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you will come, again.  We encourage you to check with us close to the time of your departure to avoid disappointment.  Click here to contact us.

Continue to visit Bletchley Park and share in its transformation and watch Bletchley Park continue its journey back in time.

It is important to note that the work at Bletchley Park is ongoing and expensive.  Your admission fee is greatly appreciated and we hope you take advantage of the Season Pass offer or consider becoming a Friend of Bletchley Park.  Together, we can create a world-class heritage site to commemorate the remarkable work of the Codebreakers who fought the war in complete silence and for many years in total obscurity.  The secrets can now be revealed and we look forward to uncovering more and more secrets as research continues into this historic and significant site.  Please support us and join us in our work.  Thank you.