What to See

Whilst you explore Bletchley Park and discover its story at your leisure enjoying the Multimedia Guide, you can also see a wealth of other fascinating galleries and exhibits within the WW2 Codebreaking Huts and Blocks. 

Block B exhibitions include:

  • Hitler's "Unbreakable" Cipher Machine: Gallery dedicated to telling the story of the breaking of the Lorenz cipher.  
  • The world's only fully-operational Bombe rebuild - the electro-mechanical device used to mechanise the process of breaking Enigma
  • The Life and Works of Alan Turing gallery
  • The largest and most comprehensive public display of Enigma machines in the world
  • A Home Front exhibition - How people lived in WW2 
  • The Japanese Challenge: Breaking the Japanese Codes 
  • Bletchley Park Timeline - How the work of Bletchley Park influenced key WW2 events
  • From Intercept to Action - the Codebreaking process explained

Hut 8, German Naval Codebreaking Hut, exhibitions include:

  • The Office of Alan Turing, Head of Hut 8
  • Royal Pigeon Racing Association exhibition, explaining the use of pigeons in WW2

The Mansion exhibitions include:

Hut 11

Hut 11,wartime Hut that housed the Turing-Welchman Bombe machines - now newly restored and refurbished with an atmospheric exhibition giving a voice to the women who worked the machines in the Hut they dubbed the "Hell-Hole".

Other exhibitions available at Bletchley Park, but operated independently of the Bletchley Park Trust.